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Guidance on completing Return of allotment of shares form SH01

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You can allot shares using WebFiling to take advantage of in-built checks and pre-populated data.

Form SH01 is used to give notice of shares allotted following incorporation. Please complete in typescript or bold black capitals.

Company details (Section 1)

Please ensure that the company name and number are as shown on the public register. Did you know you can confirm the correct company name and number for free by using our WebCHeck service or Mobile App?

Allotment dates (Section 2)

It is important to show the date the shares were allotted. If the shares were allotted over a period of time, complete the ‘from’ and ‘to’ dates.

If the allotment date is prior to 1/10/2009, you need to notify us of the allotment using a form 88(2).

Shares allotted (Section 3)

This section is used to give details of the new share allotments.

You should provide the class of share, currency, number of shares allotted, nominal value of each share and the amount paid and/or unpaid on each share including any premium.

If any shares have been allotted for non-cash consideration (e.g. services, goods, other shares, etc.), details should be provided in the non-cash consideration field.

The example below shows a simple allotment of shares with both a cash and non-cash consideration.

Statement of capital (Section 4)

This section is used to provide the company’s share structure in pound sterling (£) after the new allotments shown in part 3.

The aggregate nominal value should equal the number of shares issued multiplied by the nominal value of each share, not the amount paid up. Please see the example below:

The total must be given for number of shares and aggregate nominal value in this section.

Share capital in other currencies (Section 5)

This section is used to provide any shares allotted in currencies other than pound sterling.

The total must be given for number of shares and aggregate nominal value in this section.

Please see the example below:

Totals (Section 6)

This section must be completed if you have provided share allotments in more than one currency.

Please see the example below:

Prescribed particulars of rights attached to shares (Section 7)

You must show full prescribed particulars for each class of share. The class of share(s) must correspond with those allotted in section 4 and/or 5.

Check our FAQs on capital, which outlines some of the basic requirements of prescribed particulars.

Signature (Section 8)

Finally, please don’t forget to sign the form.

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